From Stockholm, commuter trains run three times an hour to Arlanda. The journey takes only 37 minutes. See for times. They are a 20/25-minute walk (northeast) down to the lake.

In addition to this, there is also Arlanda Express train, which only takes 20 minutes from Stockholm Central Station. (costs a little extra).

As the airport rebuilds a lot on the way down to us, perhaps the bus is smoother:

From Arlanda or Märsta station you can take bus 579 towards Arlanda. Disembark, Styrmansvägen, 300 metres from the park. (4times / hour)

From Uppsala: Bus 801 (Länstrafiken), runs 2-4 times an hour. (50 minutes/78:-)

From other locations: see SL's trip planner and enter the final stop: "Styrmansvägen" (Sigtuna).


Turn off the E4 towards Arlanda Airport. Take the first right at the straight into the airport area: road no 273 towards "Alunda" and "Norrtälje" (signs). Drive straight through the roundabout. Pass the SAS Radisson at your right and The Jumbo Jet hostel at your left side. Drive straight through the next roundabout and keep slighty to the right.. Continue straight ahead, under "runway 3", and the lake "Halmsjön" appears on the left side. (Runway no 3,now at your immidiate right). Turn left towards "Långahundra" som 100 meters - se the sign "kabelpark" - and you're there! Can´t miss it!


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