In the summer of 2023 we will run our own competitions such as best trick, best run or best feature shred where we gather, hang out, and compete a bit. We intend to once again host the "TCP Send It" competition for the fifth year! We post events like Wakeboard tests from importers, After-works Facebook page and Instagram - keep an eye out there! (feel free to go in and "like/follow" us)


During the 2023 season, we will run the following youth camps:

- Camp no 1 (29-30/6)

- Camp 2 (13-14/7)

- Camp 3 (10-11/8)

The camps target young people 10-16 years old, who either have not gone before, or tested someone/a few times and who want to learn more and develop in water sports under the guidance of knowledgeable coaches. 2-day camp, normally with overnight stay. (optional). Swimming skills /water experience (important!) and ok with sleeping "away", are reasonable conditions. The camp sites run out quite early in the season, so submit the registration on time. A total of 12 seats. See information sheet for information on adaptation to covid-19.

Download an information sheet here.

Limited number of places/camp to ensure good quality (12 participants). Camps often "fill up" quite early in the season (even before), so maybe don't wait too long, if you yourself or if you have a young person at home who is interested.


Jumbo Stay Hotel

Season 2020:

50% discount on regular prices & possibility to rent the whole plane for only 8000 SEK


Used via website, email or phone.

See Jumbo's website here.