A cable park is like a skate or snowboard park, but for water sports. Instead of following a boat, the skier is pulled along an electric cable car. Five lift poles hold up a cable at 10.5 metres, pulling up to eight skaters at a time - around our 623-metre course! (the largest cable park in Scandinavia) In the water there are jumps, rails and other features (12-13 different features) that the more experienced skiers like to use, but you can just as easily go without jumping or performing any other tricks, if you don't want to. Around the course are 550 metres of floating bridges, which are used as a walkway back for skiers who have fallen off. The cableway is a counter clockwise course, just like in most (about 90%) cable parks worldwide.

With us you can ride water skiis, as well as kneeboards and wakeboards, to wakeskates and kiteboards. All are welcome and we can guarantee that everyone has just asl fun, no matter if you are older, younger, beginner or pro.

The Cable Park is a RIXEN facility. Dr. Bruno Rixen is the "father" of cable skiing and began developing lift-drawn water sports back in the 60´s and built the first major prototype for a cable park back in 1965. It's still running! In total, there are today (2020) over 300 full size cable parks in 40 countries on five continents. The smaller cables, so-called "2.0:s" between two pylons for one (1) rider at a time, currently add up to 400 pieces World Wide, a total of over 700 cables installations. The technology has thus been very well tested and developed for a long time. In Sweden there are currently 15 cable parks, of different sizes and set ups.


Our features ("obstacles"; rails and kickers), 13 pieces, are updated, rebuilt and changed a little over time. We have chosen to use obstacles with good sliding surface in hard plastic material.

In 2022 we have the following features: four kickers (one big, 2 medium, one mini), Butter-rail, A-frame (ish), Big Funbox, Grindbox, Flatbar, Pipe-rail, Nellie (Elephant), Street-rail, bonk-tunnels and something more.


We don't only have cable skiing at The Cable Park. There are a couple of SUP's ("Stand-Up-Paddleboard"), surfboards where you stand up paddles. A large beach volleyball court, a fat trampoline for volleyball training, a mini ramp (skateboards can be rented for a small fee in the shop if you don't have your own) and for those who want to take it a little easier - a boules court behind the sauna. Balls for beach volleyball and balls for boules are available in the shop. The cable bar has a selection of board games for those who want to rest their body, but not their head.


We also have a sauna for up to 12 people. This is open in really bad weather during the low season.

The sauna can be booked privately by groups/societies throughout the season. Email



The Günther family, who own and run The Cable Park, "discovered" wakeboarding in the second half of the 1990s when the sport was still relatively new and unknown in Sweden. (the first Official Wakeboard Competition here was in 1996, in the town of Norrtälje). The eldest daughter in the family, Filippa, tested wakeboarding behind a boat for the first time as an 8-year-old and got stuck instantly. She went to her first Swedish Championship 11 years old in 2000 and little sister Matilda was not late to join. A few years later, brother Theodor also started to compete in wakeboarding. (The siblings have a lot of Swedish Championship medals in their luggage - bronze medals from the European Championships and even a bronze medal from the World Championships, back in 2008...)

Over the years, the wakeboard has given us "children" in the family so incredibly much, long summers of roadtriping around Sweden for various competitions, lovely new friends through competitions and camps, the opportunity to see all corners of the world when we got to represent Sweden as members of the National Team at the European Championships and World Championships - and not least countless hours in the boat in all kind of weather, for our patient father Stefan and mother Maria.


The dream of a cable park in Sweden grew in the second half of the 2000s when every year we packed rental cars full of equipment and 30 people drove 10 hours down to our friends at the beautiful Cable Park "Norsjö", 3 hours southwest of Oslo to run "start-up camps" for the national team in boat wakeboarding. Imagine if you could have a cable park at a shorter distance, so you could go there more often and more spontaneously!

After a long period of searching for suitable lake and contacts with landowners and municipalities (and many! permits later), the dream finally became a reality in 2010 when construction of the cable started. The cable spun its first turns to the public on July 1, 2011.


In 2023, TCP turns 12 - the 13th season -!

With the help of our fantastic staff and lovely visitors, we hope that TCP will be a "beach club-like oasis" and sports facility near Stockholm where you can come - both as a beginner and advanced skier. Our goal is to create a great atmosphere where you can share tips and tricks and get the same back and meet new friends with the same interest as you but also come out and just hang out, play volleyball, sunbathe or read a book and have a glass of wine on the patio if you don't want, or can't, ride.

Here we want everyone to feel welcome and very much "at home".

Welcome to a magical 13th summer at TCP, 2023!

// TCP-family